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A Dozen Fun Family Rituals

1.Family video night. Rent a movie, order in a pizza, make popcorn. The only difficulty may be agreeing on something the whole family wants to watch (and is appropriate for teens and younger children). Again, alternate choices among family members.

2.After a big snowstorm, everybody tramp outside to build a snowman or go for a walk together. Then shovel.

3.Sharing the Sunday newspaper over a special breakfast. This is a ritual with Mom and Dad in mind. Or what about all going out to a restaurant for brunch?

4.Buy a special dessert to transform dinner into an occasion, and not just on birthdays, wedding anniversaries and graduations. Celebrate family members’ achievements. An unexpected high grade on a test at school or a promotion at work deserves a cake—with candles and an inscription. Be creative!

5.Spiritual pursuits bring many families together, whether it’s attending services or saying grace together at the dinner table.

6.Sit around together flipping through old photo albums or watching vintage family videos and home movies. You’ll relive fond memories and give one another hiccups laughing at the sight of certain members’ now-outdated hairstyles and assorted fashion faux pas. “Wow, Dad: Really nice leisure suit.”

7.Take a car ride. Where? Anywhere. Take the slow, scenic route and stop off at whatever looks interesting.

8.Go bowling together. Golf and miniature golf are two other examples of individual sports that you can do together.

9.Build a fire in the fireplace, or at a camping ground, or on the beach, and share stories.

10.Cook dinner together, with each member of the family taking part.

11.Play board games, cards, dominoes and so on.

12.Communal chores or collaborating on a household project can be a lot of fun.

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